Refilling your prescriptions

To access medications for renewal:

  • First, log into the My BG Health patient portal.
  • Select Renew Medication from the Medications tab or click the Refill link for a medication listed on your home page. The Renew Medications form will display.

Select your medical practice, Borland Groover

  • Select your Medical Practice. On the Renew Medications form, scroll to the Select Your Medical Practice section.
  • If you are enrolled in multiple practices, select Borland Groover.
  • If you are managing other people's accounts, select the patient on whose behalf you are making the request.

Select your medication

  • After selecting your practice, scroll to Select Medications – a list of medications available for renewal will display.
  • If no medications are listed, or you want to select another medication, click the Select Different Medications link. Alternative medications will display.
  • Select Display Any Inactive Medications That May Be Available For Renewal check box to view inactive medications.
  • Select the check box next to the medications you want to renew.
  • Click Select.
  • If you select Inactive Medications, a new check box Yes, I would like to request the above inactive medication will display. Select the check box.

Select your pharmacy

  • After selecting your medication, scroll to the Select Pharmacy section. Your preferred pharmacy will display.
  • If no pharmacy is listed, click the Select Different Pharmacy link. A search form displays.
    • Click Add New. The add new pharmacy form will display.
    • Enter the pharmacy details and click Save.
  • If you want to select another pharmacy, click the Select Different Pharmacy link. A search form will display.
  • Enter the search criteria (pharmacy name, address, city, state or zip) to locate a pharmacy and click Search. To return a list of all available pharmacies, leave the pharmacy search field blank and click Search. The top 100 results will display.
  • If needed, click the map icon next to the pharmacy's phone number to view the map of the selected location in a new window.
  • Click the pharmacy's name to select it.
  • Select the Set As Your NextGen Patient Portal Preferred Pharmacy check box to set the default pharmacy.
  • Click Select.
  • You can now submit your renewal request.

Submitting your requests

In the Submit Renewal section:

  • Select the reason for renewal.
  • Select the person to whom you are sending the medication renewal.
  • Enter the reason for the prescriptions renewal in the comments field.