Jacksonville Center for Endoscopy

Established in 1999, our two convenient Jacksonville Center for Endoscopy (JCE) locations offer you a personalized cost-effective and efficient alternative to hospital outpatient care if a gastrointestinal endoscopy is needed.

JCE is a state-licensed, AHCA-certified outpatient ambulatory surgical center, owned and operated by Borland Groover gastrointestinal specialists. Our center has surpassed the standards required by Medicare for licensure and we have also proudly achieved accreditation from The Joint Commission.

To maintain our licensure and accreditation status, JCE is surveyed and inspected every three years, assuring our patients have the highest quality gastrointestinal care available. Our goal is to provide a safe, professional environment for your care, utilizing the latest technology delivered with exceptional skill, compassion and respect.

If you are scheduled for a procedure at one of the Jacksonville Center for Endoscopy locations, your healthcare provider is referring you to a facility or service in which Borland Groover providers have a financial or economic interest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An endoscopy is a specialized procedure that allows direct visualization of the GI tract, giving our physicians the ability to accurately diagnose your GI problems. Colonoscopy, Endoscopy and Sigmoidoscopy, are performed at our center. Our patients find this more convenient, cost effective and prefer the personalized care received at our center. Our clinical team of registered nurses are specifically trained in endoscopy and maintain advanced cardiac life support certification. Your physician’s nurse will schedule your appointment for your endoscopy. Only Borland Groover physicians perform endoscopies at our center(s).

Our primary goal is your continued good health by providing access to preventative care and prompt treatment. We will ask you to tell us about any and all medications you are currently taking and any drug allergies you may have, or if you have a medical condition that requires antibiotics to be administered prior to your endoscopy. It is important that you share this vital information with us. We will also ask that you sign an Informed Consent Form to indicate you have been made aware of the risks and possible complications of the endoscopy, as well as alternatives to the endoscopy. Please be aware that this is a routine requirement of all medical procedures. You should wear comfortable clothing to the center on the day of your endoscopy so it will be easy for you to change into a gown.

You will be administered sedation by our anesthesia staff for your comfort and safety during your endoscopy. After the endoscopy, you will be moved to our post-op unit where you will be monitored as you recover from the sedation. You will then be given post procedure instructions and answer any questions or concerns you may have before discharge. Expect a call the following morning to see how you are doing and to, again, answer any additional questions. We are also concerned about your safety. You must have a responsible adult accompany you to the center and to drive you home afterward. No exceptions, as your safety is our #1 priority.

Leave any valuables at home for safe keeping, as we cannot be responsible for lost personal property.

You should expect to receive billing statements from separate entities associated with our center; such as your physician, our facility/center, anesthesia and pathology services. We will file with your medical insurance to ensure costs are applied to your plan. We participate in many health plans and programs, and those are subject to change. You will be responsible for any co-payments, deductibles or unpaid balances. We accept MasterCard and Visa for your convenience. Should you have any questions regarding your statement please call 904.398.7205 for information.

Remember, if you are having a problem or a concern, please call Borland Groover and ask for your physician’s nurse. If you have a critical emergency, quickly get to an emergency room nearest you. Alert the emergency room personnel to notify Borland Groover physicians of your emergency.

Jacksonville Center for Endoscopy is a medical facility, similar to a hospital, and separate from the Borland Groover physicians. If you have questions about your bill from Jacksonville Center for Endoscopy, please contact us.

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