New Patients

Thank you for choosing Borland Groover for your gastroenterology care needs. We value each of our patients and strive to offer you the best gastrointestinal care from start to finish to help you fully understand your condition and develop a thoughtful, comprehensive plan to get you back to wellness as soon as possible. Below is some helpful information to make your visit as pleasant and comfortable as possible.



What to expect on your first office visit

During your first office appointment you will meet with a provider to explain your gastrointestinal symptoms and ask questions. You will receive an email five days prior to your new patient appointment asking you to complete necessary forms prior to your visit to minimize wait times. We ask that you arrive approximately 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

If you have had recent prior tests, please bring copies of the results with you or make sure your primary care doctor has forwarded them to the appropriate office location prior to your appointment.



What to expect for your procedure

If your Borland Groover gastrointestinal specialist recommends a procedure, it can be scheduled at one of our accredited endoscopy centers or hospital outpatient facilities.

As a courtesy, our pre-certification department will contact your insurance company to confirm your insurance benefits and obtain authorization if needed. At the time of scheduling your procedure you will be presented with an out-of-pocket estimate from our financial counselor.

Please note, verification of benefits does not guarantee payment.

  • Remember to bring a photo I.D., your most current insurance card(s) and your current medications list.
  • We ask that you arrive 45 minutes to an hour earlier than your scheduled procedure time.
  • Please be sure you have a ride home. Taxi, Uber and other forms of public transportation are not acceptable.

Following check-in, the triage nurse assigned to your care will bring you to our pre-op area to prepare you for your procedure. Your assigned nurse will have you change into a gown, take your vitals and make sure you are comfortable. Our anesthesia staff will start an IV for sedation during your procedure. General anesthesia is administered prior to your procedure by our trained certified registered nurse anesthetists who are supervised by our anesthesiologists.

Once the procedure is completed, your nurse will transition you to post-op where you will be closely monitored until you wake and become alert. For your safety, your nurse will then wheel you to your ride at our pick-up location.

Depending on what procedure you have, you can expect to be at the facility for approximately two hours.