Mark M. Carter
MD, Radiologist


Dr. Mark Carter is a radiologist at Borland Groover. He received his medical degree from University of Florida College of Medicine and has been in practice for 32 years. During college, Dr. Carter received the Cum Laude Award for Scientific Exhibit at RSNA 1984 in Washington, D.C. for “Magnetic Resonance of the Pelvis” and High Honors in Chemistry. He was given membership to the Alpha Epsilon Delta Honorary Academic Tutoring Society, an honor bestowed upon a student of superior scholastic achievement.

From UF, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee where he completed his diagnostic radiology residency at Vanderbilt University. Dr. Carter returned to Florida and became the attending radiologist at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida in 1986.

Dr. Carter was voted one of the top seven radiologists in Florida by peer physicians in June of 2002. He was nominated in Jacksonville Magazine as the Top Doctor in Radiology, July 2013.

Learn more about the Imaging Center’s new technology 3.0T GE Discovery MR750w scanner located Borland Groover Southside Jacksonville and Dr. Carter’s experience as a board certified radiologist specializing in GI exams. 

Postgraduate Education
1982 - 1986
Diagnostic Radiology Residency
Vanderbilt University

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