Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

Flexible sigmoidoscopy is a colon cancer screening option for most adults starting at age 45.

While colonoscopy examines the entire colon, flexible sigmoidoscopy is an alternative used to examine the lower portion of the large bowel, including the anus, rectum and lower (sigmoid) colon, for polyps and cancer.

This simple procedure takes less than 15 minutes, causes only minimal discomfort and does not require any sedatives or pain medicines.

Your colon must be completely clean for the procedure to be accurate and complete. Your physician will provide you with detailed instructions regarding specific dietary restrictions and preparation to be followed prior to your test. Our clinical staff will provide you with prep instructions, where to obtain your prep solution and when to start the process. 

Let your physician know of any medications, major illnesses or allergies so that you can also be given instructions about these prior to the procedure. Drugs such as iron, aspirin or anticoagulants (blood thinners) are examples of medications that usually must be stopped prior to colonoscopy.

Please follow all instructions carefully.

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